Dragonfly is a drag night that takes place at Flirt Cafe in Bournemouth town centre every two months. It is a free, pay what you decide event, and is for local and emerging queens to try out new material in front of a supportive audience. Dragonfly is hosted by the fabulous Cilly Black. You can find Cilly on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/cilly.black, on twitter and instagram @thecillyblack.

The show was brilliant, with a fun selection of performers that delivered the right balance of politics and silliness enough to make Brexit an actually enjoyable experience.

Thank you for fabulous entertainment with some class, intelligence and lots of witty banter

It was fantastic. All of you, the chocolate buttons for us bingo champions, the drama, the ambience, Theresa dancing.
— Audience Members at Dragonfly: Theresa May Retirement Party

Our Next ShoW


We hosted Theresa’s retirement party in May and then she, once again screwing us over, decided to actually retire. So we’re back, and this time it’s the farewell tour! Join us at the Lyric Bridport, pay what you feel on the night, for a night of Mayhem.

August 2nd - Dragonfly Returns to Flirt

We are the best, so screw the rest! Pests Production is proud to present another loud, proud, and downright ridiculous night of Drag in the very heart of Bournemouth’s Triangle.

Join us in August as the defenders of anarchy take over Flirt Café in a last big summer bash before having to return to St Trinian’s for another school year. Sharpen your pencils and straighten your ties, because headmistress Cilly Black will be giving the rod to any trouble makers, (or to those who ask nicely….) House points to anyone attending in school uniform.


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