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Flea Circus

Flea Circus is a scratch performance event where theatre makers can trial exciting works in progress in front of a live audience, with feedback, tea and coffee provided throughout.

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Flea Circus March 15th

Flea Circus Community took place at St Michaels Church on Friday the 15th of March. Below is the line up with descriptions of the artists performing and their work along with some photos of the event.


Matthew Edwards Performing Man in the Blue Box

Man In The Blue Box is a semi-autobiographical performance that tackles personal grievance by incorporating my obsession with the famous TV show Doctor Who.


Joshua Vine Performing A Public Service

A public service is a one-man show exploring our misconceptions of LGBTQ+ identities and contemporary homophobias. It explores a number of different scenes that map modern day hate crimes and homophobic abuses. From name calling to suspected murder this piece exposes the human rights violations that are still happening today, in a world where the “fight for LGBT equality has been won.