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Are you an emerging theatre maker looking for someone to help develop your practice and your project? Maybe you work a part-time job (don’t we all?) and you need a hand managing your time as a performance maker, or you want someone to run ideas by, read your script or plan your next project?

We want to work with performers and theatre makers that are yet to receive their first arts council bid and are in need of a helping hand.

Our build your own producer package starts at £10 a month and gives you the freedom to select the services that you need. Have a look at the services we offer below and if you want to sign up, complete the form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you at the time that is convenient for you to speak with us before you sign up. If you have any questions, please email us at

What we offeR

Essential Starter Pack - £10 a month  (Includes email support from Pests, a scheduled phone or video call a week, access to the hive mind forum, shows with pests as appropriate, opportunities forwarded to you personally).

Proof-reading of Scripts, scratch length - £5 a month (We define a scratch length script as a piece that would last between 1-20 minutes. You may send us as many of these as you’d like each month and we will give feedback on both content and grammar).

Proof-reading of applications - £3 a month (We will read applications that you’ve written for callouts, funding etc and give you feedback on the grammar and the content of that application, in relation to the callout. We cannot read and give feedback on ACE applications).

Proof-reading of full-length scripts - £10 a month (We will read one full length script that you send us each month and provide feedback on grammar and content. If you would like to send us more than one script in the month, we can negotiate a fee for additional scripts).

Help with planning a schedule for a project - £10 a month (We will assist you in planning a dated timeline for a project, this only includes the dates and times of the year, if you would like help planning the projects strategy, then look below at the next service).

Strategy planning for a project - £15 a month (We will assist you in the strategy of the project you would like to undertake, this includes, venues you could perform the project at or undertake R+D, funding bodies you could approach, finding a rehearsal space. It is an involvement in what takes place in the project as opposed to the when, which is listed above. If you would like us to provide both, you will need to sign up for both).

Contacting Venues and arranging/negotiating performances - £5 a month (We will initiate contact with a venue on your behalf and arrange/negotiate performances).

Creating a marketing pack - £15 a month (We will, with materials that you will need to provide in advance, create you a marketing pack that you can send to venues when you have a performance arranged with them).

If you would like to sign up for all of our services, we will discount the price to £60 a month. We offer a 10% student discount. We can also offer these services as a one off, without signing up to our starter package, the prices are listed below:

Proofreading of scratch script - £10

Proof-reading of Application - £5

Proof-reading of Full Length Script - £20

Help with planning a schedule - £20

Strategy Planning for a project - £25

Contacting Venues and Arranging/Negotiating Performances - £10

Creating a marketing pack - £30

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