What We Do

Pests production was founded by David Doust and Sophia Greppi. It was created to found a platform for emerging artists, both locally and nationally, in Bournemouth. Through producing a variety of performance styles, networking events and supporting artists, Pests hope to establish a community of independent theatre and performance similar to those in Brighton or Bristol.

Our Events:


Beehive is a networking event for contemporary theatre makers in Bournemouth.

Flea Circus

Flea Circus is our work in progress night for artists to test new, daring material.


Dragonfly is our drag night for emerging and local Queens in Bournemouth.

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Pests Presents:

Pests Presents is a platform for artists to perform full length performances in Bournemouth.

Who We Are

Photo Credit: Amy Wills

Photo Credit: Amy Wills

David Doust - Creative Producer

David Doust is a theatre graduate from the University of Chichester. David is interested in working with emerging artists to create a clearer progression for artists out of university and into the industry. He also wants to establish Bournemouth as a touring destination for artists nationally. He is interested in arts for social change, in whatever format it comes. He also works for Too Many Pillows Theatre as an administrator and runs his own football documentation project called 28 Years and Waiting which can be found at www.28yearsandwaiting.wordpress.com


Emily Bone - Social Media Officer

Emily is a second year BA (Hons) Theatre student at The University of Chichester, originally from Portsmouth. When she isn't studying or online, you will most likely find her in the theatre watching a show. Her biggest inspirations are Aunty Donna, Demi Lardner, and Kneehigh.

Twitter: @BoneTheatre

Photo Credit: Amy Wills

Photo Credit: Amy Wills

Sophia Greppi - Creative Producer

Sophia Greppi is a Theatre graduate from the University of Chichester, and is currently training to work as a literary agent. Sophia is interested in developing new works and helping artists to create the best version of their show possible. She currently works as the Projects and Events Assistant for Creative+ at The Arts Development project. Though her main interests lie within mental health and postmodern nostalgia, Sophia is always excited to work with new pieces exploring different topics and styles within theatre.

The Morale Officers - Oscar and Fred


Oscar, the golden Podenco, is our morale officer, and Fred, the one-eyed Siamese cross, is his deputy. The two of them live together and have been best friends since before either one turned 1. Their jobs at the company is to keep morale up and provide mental health support for all those involved. They are both very good boys and work hard to maintain this reputation. Their hobbies include sleeping, herding chickens, taking walks together, and stealing kitchen scraps (they are still good boys despite this last fact).